A Feral Affair

Lies and betrayal become the norm for Marissa Coldwell after new relationships throw her into a world of death, despair and destruction. Her life as an everyday college student in Virginia quickly comes to end, and after a series of events causes her closest friends and family to turn on her, she has to rely on the unexpected company of coworkers and strangers to stay alive. Forced to accept that everything and everyone is not what it seems, she has to learn quickly to become a predator or die as prey.


Far From Paradise

Near-fatal accidents would scare some reporters, but a bullet to the chest doesn't stop Dyani Sexius from hunting for the truth in her corruption-laden community in the US Virgin Islands--worse when tragedy strikes and the Governor is murdered in front of dozens of people. Unsatisfied with the results of the investigation she digs deeper to find out why he was targeted and more importantly, by who. But her quest for answers shows her how close is too close and that her home is far from paradise.

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Silhouetted Shores

Returning home to the Virgin Islands from the military, independent and headstrong Alia Scott is excited to finally relax and soak up all that sun, sand and surf. But all that changes when a powerful hurricane strikes, her home is torn apart and the island is plunged into what feels like perpetual darkness.

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Lileth G.

"A fast paced fantasy mystery that keeps you guessing and wanting more. It's a fun read with some room for improvement. Marissa, the main character, is a different take on your typical "chosen one"."

Miguel R.

" rioting good time! Marissa needs to get her life together but this is a solid read!"

Tyrone R.

"I've followed the writing of this book on the author's Patreon, where they share updates on all their creative projects. This book is not something I would normally read; dramatic mid-fantasy thrillers fall a bit out of my lane.

But damn if it isn't written well, and in a way to make it compelling for even me.

If you're a fan of low-mid fantasy/sci-fi set in the real world, grabbing this is a no brainier."

Camellia F.

"Wow! So different and relatable especially the slang!! Left me wanting more, I couldn’t put the book down! First time I’ve read one of these genres with a black main character and I was satisfied! I’ll be looking out for Book 2!"

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