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So much more goes into a photoshoot than just taking the photos. The behind the scenes work matter just as much as the shoot itself. These recommended extras are to ensure that you create a final product that was worth your time, effort and of course your money.


Web Design

The absoluteDoll

Many clients request photos as part of updating their brand's appearance, but what good are those photos if your online presence isn't up to par? Many entrepreneurs forsake the benefits that come with a great website. Let absoluteDoll, created by Glenesse David, hook you up. As you'll see on her site, MEN LIE. WOMEN LIE. NUMBERS DON'T. Invest in yourself. It's worth every penny.

The absolutedoll


Designs By Regal

You may have come across some beautiful madras outfits and headwraps on this website. All of them were designed by Regal. But she isn't just a madras designer, many of my prom dresses and other fashion found there were also designed by her. If you're looking for custom clothing, this is the woman for it.

Designs by Regal



Blogging isn't easy and neither is creating a 10k reaching podcast. Need advice and tips for creating your own successful influencer brand to go along with your amazing photos? Visit J. QUINIVORY, created by Jeaiza Quinones, and listen to her podcast with her cohost Deidre Ritter! There's a wealth of information waiting for you.

Listen to Beautiful PEople POdcast



Have a sip and paint event or need an artist for a maternity belly painting? Leave your visual artwork in the hands of Ki-Ana Tonge. She also doubles as a host. Book her now!